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Shoot Days

by FreelanceFlix

Attract clients through video

Video is the only way to showcase the unique personality that sets you apart from your competitors. It also gets you a lot more attention and engagement on your social media.2 things typically hold entrepreneurs back from letting their business shine with video:1. The absolute horror of speaking in front of a camera. (Not to mention watching yourself afterwards!)
2. The technical stuff to make you look and sound awesome.
Already running away from your screen? Well let's fix that! As well as serving you some tasty coffee, we'll take care of the hassle and stress, so you can beam your message out to the world!

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What are Shoot Days?

We book a beautiful location; you reserve a 3 hour slot to record the videos that we'll prepare together.Most people need a Shoot Day to record their so-called 'evergreens': the key videos that feature prominently on your website and your social media profiles. They offer a first introduction to you and your products or services.What are evergreens?* Your ‘why’: Your personal story about the origin of your passion for your business. Why you do what you do.* Your ‘what’: The client's problem and the solution you offer.* Your ‘how’: The unique way of doing things that separates you from your competitors.Need something else entirely? No problem, shoot! :-)

What you get

1. Preparation:
* A personalised intake call with us (more about us)
* Online content coaching
* Expert speaking tips
2. Video shoot:
* 3 hours in an attractive location
* Professional videographer for high quality image & sound
* Live coaching for your on-camera presence
3. Multi-use result:
* 1 evergreen pitch video about your services (+/-2 min)
* 2 to 3 videos about specific aspects of your biz (+/-2 min)
* 3 teasers/reels from each video for your socials (10-30 sec)
* Text and audio versions for blogs and podcasts
👉 Enough content for your website & socials to fill the coming months!


The financial commitment for your 3-hour session, including intake, online coaching, use of the location and all your edited video content is €1725 excl. VAT.Prefer to pay in installments? Of course. During your intake call, we can discuss a payment plan that suits you.


Check out below some of our top locations we've carefully sourced just for you. We visited them, met the owners and shot fresh content to give you an idea of how your video could look.

Faculty Club Leuven

Picture yourself here, in this very classy and flexible location. We book Faculty Club in or around school holidays, so we can make use of the beautiful public rooms such as Saint-Catharina, the library, Heymans or Beernaert. A dinner table can even be set in the Roelands room. Enough possibilities to make every video look unique!

Plan your own shoot here:
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Swanenberg Leuven

Is a beautiful, classical kitchen (with working stove and ovens) the ideal location to talk about your business? Or rather a nice seating area near the fireplace? Or a round table in the beautiful decor of the hallway? Villa Swanenberg in Leuven has it all!
Check out our walk-through video below...

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Friday Cowork - Antwerp

The large meeting room in the Lange Leemstraat is the perfect decor for you if you love a room full of light, with a mixture of wood, steel and textile that blends a modern and homely look.

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The Greenhouse - Antwerp

This B&B is a hidden gem! Newly renovated during the pandemic, it offers a great variety of rooms. You can set your video at the gorgeous large wooden table in the sun-lit porch, in the trendy sitting area, in the spacious bedroom or adjoining bathroom, or you can talk about food and drinks in the fully functional kitchen. The choice is yours.

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Suggest your own location

Do you know (or own) an alternative location that could be great to shoot at? Let us know!

Let's get you noticed!

Contact us to talk about your needs and we'll be in touch to get you started.
We'll have an inital discovery call, where we’ll talk about what you need, how we can help, how your session could run, and the booking process.
During the project, we'll help you with your script, coach you for on-camera presence, and give you professional-quality edits.

About us

Hi, we're Alex and Sarah. FreelanceFlix is our one-stop-shop to help you forget about the camera and make the world realise you exist! Merging Alex's videography skills with Sarah's coaching skills and on-camera experience.

Alex Harris

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For the past 9 years, I've had the pleasure of working with solopreneurs and business owners, helping them build relationships and trust and improving engagement with their network, by providing regular photography and video content. I'm based near Leuven, Belgium, and work with clients across the country.A professional-looking business video requires a certain image and sound quality. Larger companies easily pay production agencies upwards of €3000. With our Shoot Days, we want to make that quality level affordable for freelancers and solopreneurs.

Sarah Martens

Alex Harris headshot

I'm an entrepreneur. Just like you. I know from experience how hard it can be to put your unique selling points to words.I'm also en entrepreneur with a lot of camera experience. As a facilitator and actress, I survived the pandemic conducting video interviews, facilitating livestream events and taping myself for auditions.Speaking to a camera in an authentic way is not easy when you're not used to it. As I became more experienced, I noticed how much I enjoy doing it. That is why I want to help entrepreneurs like you with their video projects. I will coach you so you can relax in front of the camera and show the best version of yourself. With my vast experience in communications from previous jobs, I will guide you in preparing your content.

Want to know more? Follow me here:

Want to know more? Follow me here:

We'd love to hear from you!

Dying to talk about your project with us? Or do you have a question for us? Leave your details below and we'll be in touch!On an inital discovery call, we’ll talk about what you need and how we can help, how your session could run and the booking process.Prefer direct contact? Reach-out personally by email:
- Alex:
- Sarah:


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