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Alex Harris and Sarah Martens blowing imaginary smoke from their camera and microphone as if from smoking guns.

Video is the only way to really showcase your unique personality that sets you apart from your competitors. To make a connection. To build trust. It gets you a lot more attention and engagement on social media. And it does your marketing for you 24/7.But, 2 things typically hold entrepreneurs back from letting their business shine with video:1. The absolute horror of speaking in front of a camera. (Not to mention watching yourself afterwards!)
2. The technical stuff to make you look and sound awesome.
Already running away from your screen? Let's fix that! As well as serving you some tasty coffee, we'll take care of the hassle and stress, so you can beam your message out to the world!

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Sarah Martens sitting in the Freelance Flix recording studio.


At one of our fantastic locations, you'll join us for a 3-hour session to record your content that we'll have prepared together beforehand.On your shoot day, we record your 'evergreens': key videos that feature prominently on your website, your social media profiles, your whole digital world. They illustrate your brand, they introduce your audience to the expert that you are; they're your lead- and revenue-generators.Examples of evergreens?* Your ‘why’: Your personal story about the origin of your passion for your business. Why you do what you do.* Your ‘what’: The client's problem and the solution you offer.* Your ‘how’: The unique way of doing things that separates you from your competitors.Have something else in mind? Let's talk!

What you get

1. Preparation:
* A personalised intake call with us (more about us)
* Online content coaching & script prep
* Expert speaking tips
2. Video shoot:
* 3 hours in a custom location
* Professional video production with high quality image & sound
* Live support & coaching for your on-camera presence
3. Multi-use result:
* 1 evergreen pitch video about your services (+/-2 min)
* 2 to 3 videos about specific aspects of your biz (+/-2 min)
* 3 teasers/reels from each video for your socials (10-30 sec)
* Text and audio versions for blogs and podcasts
👉 Enough content for all your digital platforms to fill the coming months!


The financial commitment for your session, including intake, coaching, location and all your edited video content is €1725 excl. VAT.Prefer to pay in installments? Of course. During your intake call, we can discuss a payment plan that suits you.

Let's do this!
Send us a message and let's chat about your needs.
You can ask us all of your questions before you decide to sign up.
Talk to you soon!


Check out below some of our top locations we've carefully sourced just for you. We visited them, met the owners and shot fresh content to give you an idea of how your video could look.

Faculty Club Leuven

Picture yourself here, in this very classy and flexible location. We book Faculty Club in or around school holidays, so we can make use of the beautiful public rooms such as Saint-Catharina, the library, Heymans or Beernaert. A dinner table can even be set in the Roelands room. Enough possibilities to make every video look unique!

Plan your own shoot here:
contact us >

Swanenberg Leuven

Is a beautiful, classical kitchen (with working stove and ovens) the ideal location to talk about your business? Or rather a nice seating area near the fireplace? Or a round table in the beautiful decor of the hallway? Villa Swanenberg in Leuven has it all!
Check out our walk-through video below...

Plan your own shoot here:
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The Greenhouse - Antwerp

This B&B is a hidden gem! Newly renovated during the pandemic, it offers a great variety of rooms. You can set your video at the gorgeous large wooden table in the sun-lit porch, in the trendy sitting area, in the spacious bedroom or adjoining bathroom, or you can talk about food and drinks in the fully functional kitchen. The choice is yours.

Plan your own shoot here:
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Suggest your own location

Do you know (or own) an alternative location that could be great to shoot at? Let us know!

Let's get you noticed!

Contact us to talk about your needs and we'll be in touch to get you started.

About us

Hi, we're Alex and Sarah. FreelanceFlix is our one-stop-shop to help you forget about the camera and make the world realise you exist! Merging Alex's videography skills with Sarah's coaching skills and on-camera experience.

Alex Harris

Alex Harris headshot

For the past 10 years, I've had the pleasure of working with solopreneurs and business owners, helping them build relationships and trust and improving engagement with their network, by providing regular photography and video content. I'm based near Leuven, Belgium, and work with clients across the country.A professional-quality business video requires a certain image and sound quality. Larger companies easily pay production agencies upwards of €3000. With our services, we're making that quality level affordable for startups, business owners, freelancers and solopreneurs.

Sarah Martens

Alex Harris headshot

I'm an entrepreneur. Just like you. I know from experience how hard it can be to put your unique selling points in words.I'm also en entrepreneur with extensive camera experience. As a facilitator and actress, I survived the pandemic conducting video interviews, facilitating livestream events and taping myself for auditions.Speaking to a camera in an authentic way is not easy when you're not used to it. As I became more experienced, I noticed how much I enjoy doing it. That is why I want to help entrepreneurs like you with their video projects. I will coach you so you can relax in front of the camera and show the best version of yourself. With my vast experience in communications from previous jobs, I will guide you in preparing your content.

More about Alex? Follow me here:

More about Sarah? Follow me here:

We'd love to hear from you!

Dying to talk about your project with us? Or do you have a question for us? Leave your details below and we'll be in touch!On an inital discovery call, we’ll talk about what you need and how we can help, how your session could run and the booking process.Prefer direct contact? Reach-out personally by email:
- Alex:
- Sarah:


How do you attract new or more suitable clients? How can video help you do that? Find out here!

Unleash the power of evergreen videos

23/01/2024 - Alex

One powerful tool that can really be a game-changer is the evergreen video. If you want to maximise your marketing efforts and optimise your time spent, this type of video might be just what you need.
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Sarah Martens sitting proud in her evergreen branding video.
Sarah Martens sitting behind a smartphone camera looking relieved and saying "finally!"

The frustrations of DIY video marketing

20/10/2023 - Sarah

What do you do when you don't have the means to engage a full-blown video production company? You take your good old smartphone, roll up your sleeves and make your own videos. Easy-peasy, right? So we thought too, at first...
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Unleash the power of evergreen videos

23/01/2024 - Alex

As solopreneurs and small business owners, we all know staying top of mind is essential for us to generate leads and have a successful business. One powerful tool that can really be a game-changer is the evergreen video. If you want to maximise your marketing efforts and optimise your time spent, this type of video might be just what you need.

So what is an evergreen video?

An evergreen video is a timeless piece of content that stays relevant and valuable to your audience, your ideal client, long after you’ve created it. In it, you focus on answering common questions, addressing fundamental problems, or showcasing your brand's core values.

What is it not?

- Trend-related content
- Season-related content
- Special offers
- News articles

Why are they so crucial?

1. Consistent engagement: Unlike time-sensitive content, evergreen videos get a steady stream of views and engagement.2. Efficient use of your time: Our time is precious and an evergreen video only has to be made once, but keeps working for you long after it's published.3. Builds authority and trust: Because it consistently engages your audience and provides valuable timeless insights, an evergreen video helps to establish you as an authority in your niche; your audience see you as a reliable source of information.4. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Search engines love evergreen content. The videos continue to attract organic traffic over time, which boosts your website’s SEO and search results ranking.5. Multi-platform usage: An evergreen video can be shared in different formats across various platforms, extending its reach and impact. The more places you share it, the better its relevance and effectiveness.6. Repurposing content: An added benefit is being able take the video transcript and turn it in to a blogpost, for example; or post the video natively on your website, on YouTube, on LinkedIn; it can be reformatted to use as vertical shorts, reels or Instagram Stories; included in email campaigns…

What does an evergreen video look like?

"Practice what you preach," the saying goes. So we made an evergreen video for Presenting Sarah, Sarah's business as a facilitator.The video got a prominent place on her website, YouTube channel and LinkedIn profile. She also used the transcript of the video for the text on her homepage, and she derived several social media posts from the contents of the video.

If you also need a brand video to work for you while you’re focussing on other parts of your business, feel free to get in touch.

The frustrations of DIY video

20/10/2023 - Sarah

Lights, camera, action...and frustration! If you're a freelancer, you know that video content is like the secret sauce that can take your business to new heights.But what happens when your budget doesn't quite stretch to hiring a video production company? Well, you grab your trusty smartphone, roll up your sleeves, and attempt to make your own videos. How hard can it be, right? We thought so too, those first times we tried...Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the funny but oh-so-relatable struggles you're bound to encounter.

A wrestling match with light

Ah, lighting, the elusive beast that likes to play hide and seek. Finding the perfect lighting for your videos is like chasing a mythical unicorn. One moment, you find yourself squinting at blinding sunlight, and the next, your face is covered by a dark shadow rendering the image dull and gloomy.It's a constant battle to strike the right balance. Too bright, too dim, too shadowy... why can't it just be perfect?

Oh sh*$`t, forgot my lines!

Okay, you managed to navigate through the treacherous waters of exposure and finally got the right shot. Victory, right? Until you press 'record' and... totally forgot what you were about to say. Triple sh*t, you’ll quickly take another peep at the text.And what do we see after the first try? All that thinking about your text makes you look as stiff as a deer caught in headlights. Let’s give it another go, then.

The Audio Blues

Yes! It's a wrap! Actually, you don't want to see or hear yourself, but alright, just a quick look before we post it on social media. But hang on…? The audio decides to throw a wrench into your carefully laid-out plans.Why does your voice sound like it's echoing in a toilet cubicle? Or worse, from whence came that unwanted symphony of background noises drowning out your brilliant ideas?Do you try to re-record? Or do you gamely soldier on, hoping no one minds the occasional dog bark or fridge hum?

Hang on, we've not finished yet?

Indeed, we have not. Once you have captured your video masterpiece, it is time to flex your muscles in the editing room.Splice, cut, paste, filter... it all sounds so easy until you actually dive into the world of editing apps. The learning curve can feel more like a rollercoaster ride, and as you stumble through the process, you start to wonder why you ever thought becoming Steven Spielberg's long-lost cousin was a good career move.But hey, don't fret, because plenty of fellow freelancers feel your pain.

Filming fatigue

Cue the dramatic music. The process of making a single, decent video can leave you feeling like you've run a marathon...backwards.The countless takes, the retakes, the agonizing minute-by-minute analysis of every little detail—it's enough to make you want to throw in the towel and go back to the simpler days of only using still images. Trust us, you're not alone in this feeling. Making videos is hard work, and it's totally okay to admit that sometimes the struggle is real.Starting something new is always difficult, but if you keep going and see yourself grow, take after take, the process is very rewarding. We also know that from experience. ;-)So what do you think? Are you going to go for video?

Not comfortable taking on the video adventure on your own? We'd love to help you get rid of the frustration and stress. We, that's videographer Alex Harris and moderator and video coach Sarah Martens. We know from personal experience the ups and downs, the hilarious mishaps and the deep sighs of relief when you finally get that perfect shot.With our joint project FreelanceFlix we facilitate the process, share our expertise and take all the practical worries and stress off your hands so you can focus on your message, relaxed and authentically.What makes FreelanceFlix unique is the combination of professional videography with coaching for messaging and speaking in front of the camera. Added bonus? We are very pleasant people to work with, if we do say so ourselves. ☺ So for the same money, you get both a pleasant half day and several months of content for your social media.Contact us today and let's make magic together!


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The complete Freelance Starters' package

Get your online presence all set up - really fast

Banner for the Start as a Freelancer in Belgium Day 2023

Welcome to FreelanceFlix!

We may have met at the Start as a Freelancer in Belgium Day 2023, or you have followed our link from the event's goodie bag. We, Sarah and Alex, are here to help you get started with your online marketing as a freelancer.What do you need to find and convince clients online?
We will set you up with the basics:
- a website with a clear message
- 3 professional headshot photos
- 2 videos that capture the unique essence of your business
- a step-by-step guide to quickly get started with your online marketing
How fast do you want to get started?
There is one thing that is more important than a good strategy for your business, and that is taking action. A lot of starting freelancers overthink every step of the process, trying to get it perfect from the first time. But the main thing is to get started with a solid, simple, but professional basis and build from there as you go along.

How will we proceed?
We always start with a short intake call or meeting.
After that, we will work in three stages:
1) Messaging workshop
You will work online with Sarah for 1.5 hour to get your message completely clear.
Who is your ideal client?
What is their problem and how do you solve it for them?
Why should they choose to work with you?
2) The shoot
We will come to your office (or we'll find a suitable location) to make your videos and photos.
We will film you while Sarah interviews you about your work. We will edit this into a 1.5-minute interview-style video for your website and social media.
Completely warmed up, you will shoot your head shots with Alex. Meanwhile Sarah will summarise your interview into a 30 second elevator pitch that we’ll film in talking head-style after the photo shoot.
3) The website
Based on the work in steps 1 and 2, we will build you a simple website with the same tool we used to build this FreelanceFlix website. It will contain all information about you and your services and a contact form for clients to get in touch with you.

So exactly what is included in the package?- 1 short intake call (30min)
- 1.5h online session on how to construct your message
- 2.5 h video + photo shoot (location rent not included)
- 1 finished video in interview style (max. 1.5 min)
- 1 finished elevator pitch video (max. 30 sec)
- 3 professional headshots
- 1 basic, good-looking, responsive website with text, pictures, your video, a contact form and a customised url
- 1 step-by-step guide to get your online marketing going

Your investment
Normally, this package costs €1900. As participant of the Start as a Freelancer in Belgium Day 2023, you get a substantial discount. You will only pay €1600.
What about the hosting and maintenance of the website?
To maintain your website after the first year, there is an annual cost for hosting the website: €20 (indexation will be applied).You will get instructions on how you can make changes to your website yourself, or you can delegate them to Sarah at an hourly rate of €55.

Let's do this!
Send us a message and let's chat about your freelancing plans.
You can ask us all of your questions before you decide to sign up.
Talk to you soon!